Sunday, January 31, 2010

I have a problem...

Ok, so I have realized that I have a problem. I realized this quite awhile ago, but I have been supressing those feelings. I have a paper problem! I know this sounds silly, but I feel the need to keep buying scrapbooking paper and supplies to go with it. Part of my paper stash is in an accordian file. Yesterday I went through one tabbed area of it (there are 12), and it was like Christmas, my head was flooded with visions of what I was going to make with each piece!! (I have had that paper for at least 2 years and forgot about it). I feel the need to unsubscribe to the Michaels and AC Moore emails for fear of temptation to yet again spend more money on paper and scrapbook supplies. Everytime I go to make a scrapbook page, it turns into a card making session. That is ok, but that means my boys' scrapbooks will never get done :-) Onward to something crafty. ~B

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  1. Bevvy, you have ZERO problems :) I am proud to be you sis!!! You do great work!!! KJB


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