Saturday, March 20, 2010


I know I haven't posted anything in awhile and I will upload the pictures tonight. I want to try to get one more card done while the sun is still shining :-) so I can take a decent picture of it! I had a baby shower that I wanted to make some stuff for, and then it was off to my first crop weekend with my friend Whitney! We had a great time! I guess I am not as young as I'd like to think because I am still recouperating from our late nights!! We had a blast! I wouldn't mind going again, but definately with Whitney! Some of the scrapbooks people were working on were amazing to say the least!! I did manage to get some of Dannys Coast Guard scrapbook done..I am almost caught up! My DH bought a great photo printer while I was at the crop, so I do not have to rely upon WalMart to print my pics for me to scrapbook. I guess there are no excuses now to not get it caught up! I am going to go for now, so I can try to get one more card done. I hope you are all having the most lovely day!! Thank you for your time!

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