Sunday, November 28, 2010


  1. Hi just found your site from FB and cropstop. have to say I came here because of your Fb picture my sons youngst sons are 20 and they drive what they call the "shag" with their old scobbydoo dog in the back ( hey what can a mom do at least they found a way to want to drive the old minvan lol) but so glad I did I love how you found a way to color these folder I got them last year and have not found a good way to color them thanks for sharing.

  2. thanks, Liz :-) I have had the SU watercolor crayons for awhile and didn't use them a whole lot...I loved how they came out on these folders (because like you, I never found a good way to color these folders). It made me say to thats why I bought those crayons :-) Merry christmas!


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